Our 305 Team





305 Untamed: A Miami Adventure!

While Miami is known for a lively Latin beat, the beautiful 305 also hosts a wide variety of untamed wildlife and ecological challenges. Curious, but may not want to dive into the deep blue or dark, murky waters that grace Miami’s shorelines? Nothing beats being there and venturing into uncharted waters with our very own 305 Team. Dedicated to exploring and preserving wildlife and keeping balance in ecosystems, Walker Blanco, John Jones and Jose Debasa have a fiery passion for what lies beneath. Whether trekking through murky swamp waters with 12-foot gators, free-diving into crystal blue waters and discovering a 12-15 foot shark, or capturing the evasive lion fish—the 305 Team is dedicated to preserving wildlife and maintaining balance in our ecosystems.


by Lurenda Turner

Category : Web TV