Born in 1995 in Evanston, Illinois, at the age of 2, Walker and his family moved to Miami, Florida, and he quickly discovered his new friends. From bugs to snakes, Walker loved them all! Constantly as a child he was scolded for being up in a tree or digging through the ground looking for these creepy crawlers. His first pet snake was at the age of 5 and this is when he fell in love with the misunderstood serpent. From hedgehogs to birds, Walker tended and truly cared for them all. As he grew older so did his curiosity for wildlife. Trekking through the South Florida canals, bay and ocean, he became a diver and was able to free dive 100 feet on one breath without having any fear from any oceanic predator. He’s not crazy, he just wants to show people these predators are not the man-eaters they are said to be.  With the turmoil facing the Everglades and our blue waters, Walker wants nothing more than to share his feverous aspiration for stabilizing Florida’s wildlife!

by Lurenda Turner

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