Presentation Training

Presentation training is one half science and one half art, a recipe our team has fine-tuned. Each session typically includes the presenter, speech writer, PR manager and our crew. Sessions jumpstart with a lively group discussion around a table, focusing on your mission and message. Our creative team then reviews your speech and talking points, pinpoints venue logistics, and sets realistic goals. The next step on the road to success is all about presentation and delivery: the 101 of public speaking. Tackling nerves and exuding confidence is a must our coaches recognize and teach, so clients can leave their mark in today’s fast-paced world. From a visual and audio perspective, we examine every aspect: camera etiquette, teleprompter and technology coaching, voice (inflection and speed), eyes, body language, wardrobe, etc. Content-wise we focus on the branding of the person and on the essence of the message. We work with the writers and the presenter to assist with both editing and writing. The ultimate goal is always the same: capturing and delivering your message in an effective and remarkable manner.



We roll up our sleeves and work with PR firms and companies to build and define objectives. We brainstorm and create a series of crucial questions and answers followed by drills. Questions posed may include: What message do you want to convey? What is your number one objective? What does the journalist want from you? The media’s job involves asking hard questions; our job involves preparing you to handle and answer all questions with poise. Familiarity with a journalist’s writing style is always important—so is knowing what a specific journalist cares about and writes about. Knowing what pages his or her stories land on is also vital. Preparing and coaching for live and prerecorded video sessions for webcasts and podcasts is another way we help you polish your image and presentation. We form name cards to position cards, and everything you need for short sound bites is written down, so you can get down to business.


Keynote: Translating a novel into a film or documentary. Kirkland Conversations, New York Keynote: The Art of Historical Storytelling for Documentaries: Coral Gables Art Cinema Keynote: The making the Graceful Voices, Miami, Florida Keynote: Uses of Film, Video, and Animation. Gensler Partner Meeting. Washington, DC Keynote: Public Speaking Techniques Breaking Through to Your Audience. NRECA. Arlington, VA Keynote: The Direction of Interactive Media. Graphics Society of America. Baltimore, MD Speaker: The Marriage of Video and Multimedia International Video Association,. Baltimore, MD Panel Speaker: Entrepreneurship and Mentoring. Baltimore Technology Council, MD Host: International Television Association 13th Annual Awards Ceremony. Senator Theater: Baltimore, MD Host and Keynote: International Television Association 14th Annual Awards Ceremony. John Hopkins Theater Baltimore, MD