Acord’s annual conference was in Disney. We beat Disney and won the job. How do you beat out Disney? When preparing the creative, we could not stop thinking about the three key players we interviewed at Acord. This group was technologically savvy! The theme was innovation. We created the infinity mark as the branded logo for the conference. This symbol represents a lack of limitations, a sky-is-the-limit mentality. Keeping this in mind, we used water as part of the conference brand and materials. Knowing water is highly reflective, we tried to see how it reacts with video. We set up test shoots and projection methods on different levels of pouring water. In the end, we built steady streams of quiet 20-foot waterfalls that not only became part of the set design, but also utilized the water as active video screens set on the stage for the actual event.



by Lurenda Turner

Category : Special Effects + Yep It Happens