Photographed by Nolan Sadorf


José has an unbridled passion for capturing some of South Florida’s best-kept secrets of beautiful and diverse inhabitants under our sea. This desire grew during his teen years while photographing wildlife in the Everglades and other prominent landmarks around South Florida. Many times he wondered off into the swamp in search of the perfect close up shot of an alligator, snake, wood stork or other native species. José’s yearn for the ocean forced him to take the camera underwater.  An avid freediver, José has been able to capture some unbelievable underwater shots – all on a single breath of air! After his first encounter with a lionfish, his thought was “what an unusual creature.”  After researching his underwater encounter, he discovered that what seemed so uniquely beautiful has the potential to significantly alter the population dynamics of our native marine species, impacting recreational and commercial fishing and the overall economy of Florida. As a father of young children, José’s mission is to not only educate but also create change!

by Lurenda Turner

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